Fasting is about the regeneration of body, mind and soul.

It is an important part of our health care to make us feel younger, healthier and fitter.

Regular fasting increases our quality of life and vitality and is an enrichment.

In Kaliu you can enjoy a fasting week to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself, in the hands of a professional fasting guide.

Below I have summarized the advantages:

Effects on the body:

  • Cosmetics from the inside (more relaxed face, less impurities)
  • Brighter eyes, firmer connective tissue, more beautiful skin
  • Letting go of everything superfluous
  • Reduction of over weight
  • Relieves the organism, helps with hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, onset of diabetes
  • Rinsing out toxins
  • Activation of self-healing powers (chronic pain is reduced)
  • Disease prevention
  • Physical fitness is maintained during Fasting

Effects on the mind:

  • The gut is often referred to as the second brain, when it rests, then the mind also rests.
  • Cleaning out bad thoughts
  • Time to rethink the life goals
  • Assistance with decisions, problem solving
  • Responsibility for own health
  • Get to know new things
  • Creativity is stimulated

Effects on the soul:

  • Coming to rest
  • You learn to nourish the soul through nature, relaxation, exercise
  • Profit through renunciation
  • Inspiration through contact with nature
  • Joy of exercise, better mood
  • Developing yourself
  • Put down mental ballast

You can also watch a great documentary film about fasting here.