During First World War Dr. Buchinger suffered from chronic rheumatism when he used to work as a military doctor. Hhis mobility was very limited within a very short time and he had to leave the military as fully disabled. The personal suffering and limitations of conventional medicine led him to try alternative therapies. In 1919 he underwent a multi-week fast and was then able to walk normally again. Fasting had saved his existence and his life.

After that he has continued developing fasting and founded the first fasting clinic in Germany. He developed his own method of fasting, which was not only based on water intake, but also provided the administration of fruit and vegetable juices and broths. This, combined with exercise and relaxation and the support detoxing the body, make any Fasting period a success.

Today, the Buchinger clinics for Fasting on Lake Constance and in Marbella are the most famous fasting clinics.

My fasting week is based on Dr. Otto Buchinger’s method.

(Foto from book: Buchinger Heilfasten; Ein Erlebnis für Körper, Geist und Seele, Dr. med. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, TRIAS Verlag 2003; page 22)