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A week of fasting goes from Saturday to Saturday. Here you can find the available dates.

On the day of arrival (Saturday)

17/18h First meeting and presentation of the group,

19h Dinner (light meal)

after that: Explanation of the course of the fasting week, Open Questions

On the days of fasting (Sunday to Friday)

8.30h Morning tea

9h – max. 14 h Hike (on the coast, through villages, vineyards and forests) 10-15km daily with fruit and vegetable juice

14-18h Siesta, fasting measures, personal free space

in the evening: Relaxation exercises (optional, but highly recommended), about 45 minutes.

18 or 19h Freshly prepared vegetable broth

19 or 20h Explanations about Fasting, Health, Nutrition, Open Questions

On the departure day (Saturday)

8.30h Morning tea

9h Short hike (until about 11am) with fast breaking on the way (yes we eat something!)

12h Farewell for the group

Afternoon; Individual Departure

The times are only approximate, since they depend on the season. Prior to arrival a more concrete planning will be communicated to the participants.