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I have been enthusiastic with fasting for many years.

The goal of my first fasting was mainly related to losing a few pounds. Previously, I was very little or not at all concerned with the subject.

This first fasting group was far too big (over 30 people) and my needs as non expirienced faster could be corresponded very little.

Nevertheless, my first fasting experience went without any complications. To my surprise, I discovered that fasting is so much more than losing about 6 pounds in one week.

After a week, I felt happier, more efficient and my inner harmony had improved remarkably.

This is where my passion for fasting began. Since then I have been fasting 1-2 times a year (at home and on fasting holidays). Fasting helped to relieve my stress-laden body and rethink my eating habits. I have also improved or cured some chronic complaints.

Especially in those fasting days, I was able to think about my life goals and, in these days of my time off, I laid the foundations for my life change, which I was able to put into practice during last year.

I would like to pass on the knowledge, which I could acquire through my training as fasting guide and through my own experiences. I want to make the infinite possibilities of fasting and omission of the superfluous available to everybody.